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Envisage – Fashion Designing Career Options 

Fashion designing is one of the creative professions that requires various skills. You must be a creative thinker, have a good personality, good conversation skills, and a variety of other soft skills. If you are also thinking of becoming a fashion designer, Envisage Institute of Design can help you develop these skills. Let’s see how you can become a fashion designer and what are the career options in fashion designing. Start with what fashion designing is?

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is a skill dedicated to crafting creative clothing designs and other lifestyle accessories. Fashion designers create drawings, select materials and patterns, and give directions for the creation of the products they create. The profession of a fashion designer includes creating clothing as well as accessories. The main aim of a fashion designing career is to create designs with patterns and colors that leave a permanent impression on people’s minds.

Career Options In Fashion Designing

If you have learned the skill properly and gained the knowledge as per the industry standards then there are countless opportunities in the fashion designing industry for you. Below are mentions of the popular career option you can go with after completing your fashion designing course.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are inextricably linked with the sector, as this career needs no introduction.

If you’re a fashionista, you’ve probably heard of renowned Indian fashion designers like Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal, Varun Bahl, Manish Malhotra, and others. They have successfully transformed the Bollywood fashion scene. A skilled designer handles everything from sketching to textures and patterns; from clothing styling to looks. 
So, a fashion designer would be the first career option which you can choose after completing fashion designing course from Envisage institute of design.

Fashion Stylist

When it comes to a career in this industry, this is one of the most difficult and fascinating work profiles. As a fashion stylist, your goal is to choose the appropriate pieces from the designer’s collection or wardrobe to create the greatest ensembles for your clientele’ body type, preferences, and likes. A stylist is responsible for everything from cosmetics, accessories, and haircuts to a person’s entire appearance.

As we have mentioned, this career option is the most difficult one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose it; you just need to be a one man army thinking to choose fashion stylist as a career option.

Accessories and Footwear Designing

Well, accessories and footwear are a separate business that complements the textile sector. After all, even the most beautiful clothing is incomplete without the appropriate footwear and trendy accessories. That’s why accessories and footwear designing is also a part of fashion designing.

Textile Designer

A textile designer creates 2D patterns that are distinctive or repeating for printed materials, weave patterns, and knit patterns. These materials can be utilized in interior design to manufacture clothing or soft furnishings. Textile designers can operate as part of a team or individually in both industrial and non-industrial environments. The majority of textile designers utilize CAD to create textures and patterns.

So, if you want a desk job or don’t want to indulge in physical clothing design, you can choose this career option, but remember one thing that you have to master CAD software in order to design 2D patterns as a textile designer.

Fashion Model

A model is someone who performs and walks down a ramp to demonstrate current fashion trends in order to advertise commercial items on the market. Some fashion designers represent themselves by wearing their own outfits, while others pay models to advertise their work.

When it comes to the overall trend, many fashion models have registered with modelling agencies. Such organizations bridge the gap between models and prospects. Also, just to give you some extra knowledge, many fashion designers will not recruit models unless they are supplied by a modeling agency.

Personal Shopper

Do you enjoy going shopping? It’s time to rejoice since a personal shopper is an expert who assists weddings, celebrities, and even daily stylish dressers in choosing the nicest gowns off the racks. But keep that in mind! You must be a professional in order to negotiate the highest discounts, shop from the best stores, and select the best styles and brands based on the client’s specifications.

Makeup Artist

If we go deep into the field of fashion design, we’ll find another creative work called makeup artistry. A makeup artist is responsible for the skincare, hairstyling, grooming, and other aspects of the body’s look. It is crucial to note, however, that makeup artists vary from beauticians in that they are not confined to traditional cosmetic procedures. Makeup artists are employed for weddings, pre-wedding photoshoots, bridal makeup, fashion events, celebrities, and models.

Retail Buyer

If you get into this career option, you will have a good awareness of what clothes look well on certain personalities and individuals. As a retail buyer, you may open your own store and sell your own items, or you can purchase things from other designers. If done correctly, this sector could be quite rewarding for you.

Retail Manager

Getting a job at a boutique, department shop, or large brand such as Lifestyle, Zara, Emporio Armani, or more premium brands like Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, and so on, may be quite rewarding. A store manager is responsible for setting daily goals for employees and ensuring that marketing and promotions are working properly.

Wrapping Up

These are the career options which you can choose after completing a fashion designing course. If you still have any questions or quarry, comment below. If you are looking to join a Fashion designing course, you can check Envisage Institute of Design, a comprehensive institute dedicated to fashion and interior designing. It is affiliated to Maharaja Agrasen Himalayan Garhwal University and has more than 150 students.

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